February 05, 2011

whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same

There is no doubt that February means love is in the air, but February is a little more special for Ben and I than others.
The 19th marks our Five year. Exactly five years ago, seventeen year old Benjamin asked sixteen year old Caitlin to be his girlfriend, and my answer was yes (after saying no first..hehe)
It's such an important anniversary, I want it to be so special and wonderful and really reflect our love for each other. The only unfortunate part is, Ben and I are sort of broke this time around.. He's newly graduated from four years of college and his job has yet to really pick up (he sells music videos to bands, making commission, but has yet to sell any because most bands are in a grind these days..) and I am barely being scheduled at Forever 21 because holiday season is over and things have slowed down significantly. I am trying to think of creative gift ideas to make him. Everyone is suggesting cooking him a nice dinner, but we both live at home with our parents still and it would be slightly awkward taking over the kitchen and having to share space with our families.. I am working like a maniac surfing the web trying to find the perfect DIY gift for him, hopefully I am able to find an idea I love and know he will love, and then I hope I am able to create what ever that thing may be.. fingers and toes are crossed I will be able to do so!