December 04, 2011

Few days ago.

Outfit Details:
teal jacket h&m
star chiffon top express
black tank aerie
pants h&m
flats aldo
rings h&m
essie 'brownie points' polish

Again with these pants. I told you, I'm completely obsessed.
A couple days ago Ben was nice enough to accompany me as I embarked on the hunt for a new job. So far my efforts to find one haven't paid off and it's getting quite frustrating. I have my father in one ear telling me every single location he's seen a now hiring sign within a 100 mile radius around my house, and the news broadcasting about how terrible the recession is and how hard it is for our generation to grow up in this time period. After my relentless many efforts I am definitely agreeing with what the new's broadcasters are telling me, it is not a piece of cake like my father seems to think.. For those of you who followed Indie Elise before the hiatus, you might remember me last working at Aldo, and if you have an outstanding memory you'll remember me working at Forever 21 before that. Clearly neither of those worked out for me in the long run.. It always starts out fine and dandy but with mall jobs I feel they use you like mad during the busy seasons then disregard you once it's over if you aren't hired on as a full time associate.. Forever 21 started only scheduling me 2 four hour shifts per week (I also live 40 minutes from my mall so it's a hefty drive for me), then when I was hired at Aldo to make a little extra side cash F21 refused to acknowledge the fact I had gotten a second job and started double scheduling me on days Aldo had already scheduled me.. So in May F21 and I parted ways and Aldo was my one and only.. After only a few months working at Aldo however, my super sweet manager was transfered and the store started to completely change, and not necessarily for the better.. In my last 2 months employed there I was being scheduled around 3 days per week, but an hour or so before my shift I would receive a call from the new manager telling me the district manager took myself and others off the schedule to cut back on hours.. So although I ended up calling it quits in mid October, I've really sort of been unemployed since August or September since I hardly worked either of those months..
Times are tough, especially since every business has stocked up on all the seasonal help they need for now, but I am crossing my fingers and waiting by the phone in hopes of one of the hundred+ places I have applied is interested in me. This season is supposed to be a joyous one, but for me it has been nothing but stress and frustration.. I can only hope something works out in my favor!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog - you are lovely! Your style is cute :) Look forward to following along

  2. I hope everything will work out for you job wise soon!! Best of look :)
    I love this outfit, your star chiffon top is so so cute <3

  3. Trying to find a job (or even worse, a career) at the moment is horrible. Good luck with that. Your star-print top is just gorgeous however!

  4. Such a dreamy setting! <3 I love your coat too - the colour is beautiful! And your winged eyeliner looks amazing!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I have to say I'm jealous of your hair!
    I'll read along with you to:)