December 26, 2011

The Coast.

Outfit Details:
scarf aldo
button down top f21
white woven tank aerie
jeans h&m
boots urban outfitters
belt h&m

How was Christmas for everyone?! I hope Santa was good to you all! He certainly was to me! Which I will share with you what I got very shortly, so expect a blog entry coming your way sometime this week! But anyways, Christmas Eve my family threw together a very last minute shindig which turned out to be a total hit! Everyone we invited came! (close friends and my dad's side of the family) There was every type of food offered imaginable, and I participated in my first every Yankee Swap! I ended up with 6 scratch tickets (all losers :( ) and a pair of 24k gold earrings. Ben and I ate tons, got very drunk, and mingled with the side of my family I was never very close with growing up, so it was awesome reconnecting and catching up after years of not seeing them. I think it's going to become an annual sort of thing, so expect photos from it this time next year!
But today was another one of those spur of the moment kind of days, which are rare, but I just love them so much. Ben and I had no plans for today, but his dad put aside a flyer for us early this morning which he thought would interest us, which, it very much so did! There is currently this festival sort of thing happening in Portland, ME which has a few days off, so a few of the performers have been performing during the days off in Portsmouth, NH to made a little extra side cash while the festival rests for the holiday. Todays event held a fairly well known juggler (although Ben and I had never heard of him, we figured if he was pretty well known it must mean he was very talented!) a magician and an illusionist so we figured "what the heck!" and made the hour + drive to Portsmouth. The show was wonderful! The juggler was the best I had ever seen (his comedy portion was hilarious!) and the other two acts were just alright, the illusionist being better than the magician though I must say! I am so glad we decided to go, we're even considering making the trip again later on this week since the festival will be off then too. It will be totally different acts but after todays we figure it's well worth it! After the show we went to Dos Amigos, a small chain of sort-of fast food restaurants spread out along the southern coast of NH to eat some very cheap quesadillas. And after that, we decided to just head home since there would be that the-day-after-Christmas-craziness going on. Now Ben and I are just watching re-runs of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and munching on left over party food, tomorrow we're taking my cat to the vet for a usual check up, attending a wake to support on old close friend of ours, then spending the remainder of our evening at a Holiday party Ben's family attends each and every year. Now, I must go return to my program, my boy, and my drink.. Have a happy holidays everybody!

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