February 28, 2012

A forest bird never wants a cage.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
striped top h&m
gray skinny jeans pacsun
satchel aldo
necklace target
flats pacsun
belt h&m

Highlight of my day (yesterday) - finding this old pair of skinny jeans tucked away at the very bottom of my jeans drawer that I bought my freshmen year of high school, never having been able to fit into them before (low rise but the waist does not give) Decided to put them on for shits and giggles, only to discover they fit! Finally! They're a bit wrinkly, but they had to be worn anyways in celebration of the happy occasion. Caitlin 1 Jeans 0.
I think I am going to shoot majority of my pictures in this location from now on, it's technically on my neighbors property, but the area where I climb over the stone wall and down the bank is out of sight from their house, so I should be good as long as they don't decide to take a stroll one sunny afternoon.. Talk about awkward, especially considering these are neighbors who I've never met/spoken to before. Lets hope they're nice because the newest location of my pictures depends on it!
Anyways, I just worked a long 8 hour day today, the stores grand opening (Kohls) is a mere 8 days from now, so everyone was running around the store looking like chickens with their heads cut off. Fortunately for me, it meant the day flew right by me and my 8 hour shift felt more like mere minutes.. So thats good I guess! But now I must run to Fed Ex with my Benjamin to help him do some work for his company, which means we'll be here for probably the next two or three hours.. le sigh.. BUT, he is rewarding me by taking me to my favorite place to grab some awesome mexican, so there's a silver lining there! Unfortunately though, I have a feeling I am going to be in zombie mode within the hour, which sucks considering I have another 8 hour day ahead of me tomorrow and I'm stuck here at Fed Ex helping him.. Pray for me here people! I've got a busy day/night and another day/night ahead of me.. I'm already looking forward to Thursday which is my day off so I can sleep til 2pm just like the good 'ol days.. ahh...

February 27, 2012

Package from Sephora.

I got a package that I have been super eager about receiving! It came to me last week so I am about a week into using it, so expect a review of the product(s) very soon. Ben ordered this for me as a belated Valentines Day gift which is just too sweet :) I've been really wanting to try the Vitamin E line out ever since I watched Essie Button's videos where she raves about this line constantly, so when Ben was asking me what I may have wanted for V-Day, this immediately popped into my head and I began doing my research on it.. I ended up ordering from Sephora versus The Body Shop and got some nice samplers with it! I must head off to work now, but I just wanted to share what I got! Thanks again Ben! <3

February 23, 2012

Busy Bee.

Outfit Details:
maroon tunic thrifted
black skinny jeans h&m
necklace target
flats aldo

This has been one of the busiest weeks I've encountered since October.. Seriously. I quit my job at Aldo then and had no luck finding any work til about a month ago when I applied to, and was hired immediately at a new Kohls store opening up a few towns over from me. I've been working for about 3 weeks now, but it's hardly been "work", just loads of computer training and videos simulating what it will be like once the store opens on March 4th. But the last 4 days have been busy as hell preparing for our opening.. I went from mediocre two hour training shifts every few days, to working 9 - 5 every day for the past 4 days.. and again tomorrow. Building displays, putting items up on the shelves, carrying (well, dragging for me) 100 pound boxes filled with back stock to the stock room on the other side of the store.. Every muscle is pulled and I can hardly move, I'm still not sure how I am managing moving my fingers to type because even they hurt.
But I wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with INDIE Elise despite my spottiness lately, I read every comment you've been taking the time to write to me and I appreciate the kind words from all of you :) I am tackling the task of checking out your blogs and writing back to you right now!
But again, thank you! I have big plans for INDIE Elise, I just need to re-learn how to manage my time so I can work and blog. But lots of new things coming to IE's future!

February 21, 2012

A letter to you.

Outfit Details:
cardigan h&m
chiffon tank top pacsun
pants h&m
belt h&m
flats pacsun

I apologize greatly for becoming the blogger who says she's going to share certain content, then doesn't follow through with it.. This past weekend I was bumming pretty hard and neglecting my blog big time. My boyfriend and I's 6 year anniversary was Sunday (February 19th), earlier that week we were talking and deciding on how we wanted to spend it together, we decided a trip somewhere in New England would be nice so we were just trying to decide where we'd go exactly, then on Wednesday night or Thursday night (I can't quite remember exactly) we got the bad news that his new job needed him for the weekend.. He works for an up and coming band based out of Boston and they booked two shows very last minute, one in Hartford, CT on Saturday and one in Long Island on Sunday.. So I had to let him go work while I sat on the couch feeling depressed and having no energy to do a thing.. Which clearly meant no photos were edited and no entries were prepared..
But, I have him back in my grasp now, for a short while anyways, so I decided to suck it up and do some editing and writing. We're planning on taking our trip sometime soon, probably just the first full weekend we both have available, but I may have to request some time off of work if nothings working out for us.. He's going to be hitting the road on March 10th touring the US until mid April and then immediately following that tour flying over to Europe and the UK.
I am so proud of him for landing a job in this industry, although it isn't him on stage which I know he'd certainly prefer, he's been touring with his own band for years and years now and paying his dues, and it's incredible he's been recognized for it and rewarded with a hefty salary. He's the most hardworking and deserving human on this planet, and I know at times he feels like he's abandoning his band and throwing all the hard work away, he's such a charming, sweet boy, whose going to meet the best connections in the business which will eventually help him out in the long run. I am a strong believer of karma, and this guy deserves the greatest things the world has to offer.
If you read this Ben, chin up sweetheart, you're not abandoning your music, and good things will come your way. Simply put, success is what you deserve, and karma will bring it your way, for sure. I love you to the moon and back, Benji <3

February 18, 2012

Inspiration: Street Style

(sources x , x)
I hadn't really gotten the opportunity to edit any photos, Ben's working this weekend; tonight in Hartford, CT, then Long Island on Sunday, which happens to be the day of our 6 year anniversary.. Its real quite shitty work came up last minute and we aren't able to spend tomorrow together, but we went out to lunch early today since he had to be up and out by 1pm. So yeah, too busy to edit because I was spending every last second with Ben since we can't be together on our significant day.
So instead, I have a handful of street styles to share with you all. Specifically one's that inspire me, I definitely wish I owned every article of clothing pictured above, also wishing I still had my bright red hair.. damn, I gotta bring that back.. Anyways, my Saturday night is being spent cleaning/tidying up my room for when Ben comes home, and munching on sweets he bought me before leaving today. I've got to warn you all though, be prepared for a super sappy entry tomorrow. Brace yourselves.

February 16, 2012

Day Planner

My new planner/journal. I love the illustration's, inside and out, don't you?

February 12, 2012

Sunday fun day.

Outfit Details:
blazer coat forever 21
oversized slouch sweater express
sheer button down tank top forever 21
acid wash skinny jeans express
leopard print scarf aldo
purse pacsun
jeffrey campbell martini spike

Sunday has come and nearly passed and it's been a nice one at that I have to say. I got to sleep in (I say that like it's a rare occurrence, hah.) bum around the house, and get ready on my own time. Eventually, Ben and I went out of town to run a few errands for his company and I ate at Boloco for the first time ever. After we picked up a few giant cans of mikes hard and sped home for the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead. It is my all time favorite show ever, it's just too good.. Now we're finishing off our final can and anxiously  awaiting "The Talking Dead" to come on, but truthfully, we probably won't even make it and will end up falling asleep.. Oh, our crazy wild adult lives that we live, haha..
But you should expect to see this outfit later on this week again.. Considering I literally threw it all on, I was really excited about photographing it in my neighbors field to share with you all, but I took one step outside and my fingers and toes froze and nearly fell off.. So there was no way I could get pictures of the actual look considering the jacket had to stay on if I wanted to live to see another day. And I am (hardly) not even kidding, I don't think I've experienced a colder day before in my entire life living in New England, and trust me, we know cold. This 'photo shoot' lasted literally .2 seconds, then Ben and I called it quits. Hopefully the days start getting warmer, I am really looking forward to spring and being able to leave the house with no coat and be completely fine. Mother Nature, warm our bones! send us some sunshine soon, please!

February 11, 2012

You say I aim too high from down below.

Outfit Details:
cardigan forever 21
sheer button up forever 21
black skinny jeans h&m
belt h&m
jeffrey campbell martini spike

Ben and I had tickets to see David Spade's stand-up routine in Boston last night. I am definitely unfamiliar with his career, all I can really say I have seen and enjoyed him in is Tommy boy, 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter, and of course the classic, Joe Dirt. His stand-up ended up being absolutely hilarious, I left the show with my stomach in pain from laughing so much and my cheeks hurting from sporting a constant smile all throughout. I have to give a big thank you to Bens mom, who gets us tickets to a performance/event each year for Christmas. And each year I am never familiar with the act/event, and each year I end up loving what I had just seen and being pleasantly surprised. I have decided she knows me better than I do, and that I should stop being so critical and to start being totally pumped about it even if I have no idea what I am about to see! Because with her track record thus far, everything's been totally fantastic! I am already looking forwards to next years event as a matter of fact!
But I must cut this short now, Its nearing 8am which by that time I must be fully ready and in a vehicle headed back into Boston for another show.. This afternoon Ben's band is playing with one of our favorite bands, Patent Pending. So since it's a mid-day show, load-in is pretty early so we've got to be leaving very shortly! But I hope you all have a great weekend! Ciao for now!