February 10, 2012

'Cause every place I go I take another place with me.

Outfit Details:
sheer chiffon blouse forever 21
white tank top victorias secret
black denim jeans h&m
jeffrey campbell martini spike

I told you to prepare yourselves for the over wearing of these shoes. I might as well toss every other pair that I own, I just can't see myself wearing anything but these from here on out. They're just so perfect. And I am also quite surprised I managed to go more than a month before showing this look again (last seen here). To be honest, it's pretty much my quick and easy go-to outfit that I wear when time is running short and I've got places to be without a lot of prep time. It doesn't need much accessorizing because of the gorgeous lace detail down the front, black denim works with every look under the sun, and my JC's ease this look away from being too prissy.
I really can not write much because I'm in a time crunch (but no, I am not wearing the ensemble pictured above again..) and am leaving shortly. But Ben and I are heading into Boston to see David Spade perform his stand up routine. I've never followed his career, so I am really not sure what to expect! Each year for Christmas, Ben's mom gives us tickets to see a show and each year I tend to have no idea about what I am going to see. But the shows/performances always end up surprising me and I leave the event having thoroughly enjoyed it! At least I know I loved the movie Joe Dirt, and David Spade has had a very successful career, so I am going into tonight prepared to laugh my ass off! Happy Friday!


  1. lovely! those shoes are adorable.
    and you are so very pretty ;)

  2. I just found your blog and read a TON of posts. I really love this blog!!! I would love if you could check out mine some time!