April 13, 2012

We can live like Jack and Sally if you want.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
leopard print dress target
tights vera wang
knee high socks forever 21
bag express
wedges kelsi dagger

I am a firm believer that the weather dictates how my mood should be, and today I am happy as a clam! It is absolutely beautiful today, and the rest of this week its only supposed to get better and better! I am completely thrilled!
And since it's so gorgeous out, I am just about to run out the door to snap a few photos in the cemetery, then do a teensy bit of shopping before my shift tonight O:-) .. I am actually planning on returning the dress I am wearing above, along with a Jason Wu dress that the tag reads small, but fits more like a large.. I just can't wear this leopard bodycon without thinking Flinstones, it's got to be the print or something, I initially bought it thinking it was such a cute retro number, but the more I wear it and think about it I just can't stop thinking Wilma or Pebbels,
But before I head out, as I was taking these photos the other day, I saw about 15 deer! They just came out of the woods and were playing in the field across the street from the cemetery I was in! It was incredible, cars were whipping by rushing home and they were in plain sight, but they just frolicked about with their white tails up, not a care in the world. Seeing them interact with each other in their natural habitat was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. I wish I could have taken better photos, but I was in such awe that I snapped a few photos very quickly in case they were just passing through, but no, they stayed and played for about 10 minutes, then they were off into the woods again.. I wonder if these are the same group of deer who are in my yard late at night/in the early mornings.. hmm, either way, it was a beautiful thing to experience.

April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday and its little surprises.

Outfit Details:
cardigan forever 21
chambray dress forever 21
bag aldo
tights vera wang
shoes pac sun
rings h&m

I can already tell you that you'll be seeing quite a lot of this dress this spring and summer, its brand new, but its easily climbed its way up to the top of my favorites category. Its so thin and flowy, it will be perfect for those hot summer days. Uhh I just can't wait for warmer  days.. :) But the cardigan and the shoes are also new! The shoes are a little on the small side, and the cardigan is a little on this bigger side, so hopefully it shrinks in the wash, and the shoes stretch a little the more I wear them! I've been looking for the perfect peep toe flat, these aren't them, but for $3 I just couldn't say no! I mean, would you be able to?!
But did you all have a nice Easter? I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all! He certainly was to me! I am almost certain the next time I take photos I will look four times the size that I am, I've literally been living off of peeps and cadbury eggs. So good, yet so so bad.. haha. But I was even able to see Ben on Easter! It was the best Easter I've ever had! He's been away on tour for the last month touring the United States, and now he's gone for another month touring Europe and the UK (Currently in Amsterdam, but he'll be in Paris tomorrow!) but he had a day between the ending of one tour and his flight for the second, so we ended up getting a hotel room in Boston and having the best night together, ugh it was just so perfect.. Now I am hoping this next month absolutely flies by because it was such a tease only spending a single night with him! Although I am almost certain he disagrees since this is his first time in Europe and the UK..

Oh and please try to ignore the difference in editing after the first three photos.. The sunlight was shining through the trees behind me and a split second later it had completely set! I was so bummed because I loved the "golden hour" look I was getting.. I tried to recreate it, quite terribly if you can not tell, I mean, I am sure I could have done a better job if I had just taken my time with editing it, but I realized today was one of the only days I had to relax and it is already pretty late in the day, so I just wanted to get this entry up in time!

April 04, 2012

They say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you.

Outfit Details:
shirt dress forever 21
tights vera wang
earrings lucky brand
necklace forever 21
navy flats forever 21

I am the weirdo who goes and hangs out in cemeteries by herself. Here's the honest to god proof.. I used to hang out here all the time when I was in high school, me and my friends would 'sneak out' (my parents are very cool so they didn't care, but we liked to pretend they'd be mad if they knew..) late at night and freak ourselves out while we did a loop around the graveyard. It's definitely been years since I've been back, I almost forgot such a pretty location (kind of morbid, no?) was a 20 second drive from my house..
I had the entire day off yesterday and was planning on spending it how I normally spend my days off, unshowered, unmade-up, and creating a permanent divot in the couch cushions.. But I decided I should go get myself all made up and take photos in the cemetery. It may be difficult to tell considering my updating this blog has been so spotty lately, but I'm wearing some new items that have never been seen before on INDIE elise! I've wanted the perfect shirt dress for a long, long while. This isn't quite it, but it's pretty lovely in itself. And a disclaimer here; I do wear pants when ever I have worn this shirt-tunic. It's definitely cutting it a little too close to hoochie.. But the tights and jewelry are new as well! I am madly in love with the earrings, I'm not sure they are visible in any of the pictures, but I can definitely promise you you'll be seeing them again, and a lot. They have definitely worked their way into my 'favorites' collection.
But now I must go get myself ready for work tonight.. I've only ever worked one night shift so far, so I am pretty excited to close the store tonight! And I ended up picking up a 7 hour shift tomorrow morning, so yay more money! $$$ :) Have an excellent hump day, everyone!

March 29, 2012

Well look what the cat dragged in..

Outfit Details:
denim jacket h&m
button down shirt forever 21
white tee h&m
black skinny jeans h&m
belt h&m
boots aldo
bracelets haywards trading post

So after a 3 week hiatus, I went missing for another 2 weeks. Oy, I am very sorry about that, by the way, but I am back, and I am going to be updating regularly again, promise. I have been unable to take outfit photos because as mentioned below, Ben's away for two months, and the batteries in my wireless remote have been dead for well over a year now. No matter how many sticky notes I left for myself, I always managed to forget to pick up a new battery. I'm pretty scatter brained in case you people hadn't already noticed..
Anyways, I am madly in love with my new denim jacket from H&M, it fits like a dream and has put my denim jacket from Forever 21 to shame, definitely expect to see this jacket more, lots more too. And please ignore my ever so serious bitch face.. I had only slept two hours, and what felt like a straight, emotionless look, I was actually looking quite unapproachable and mean. My bad.

March 14, 2012

Mickey Mouse-like.

Outfit Details:
black bodycon dress forever 21
red lace skirt h&m
tights borrowed
saddle shoes bass
juicy couture charm bracelet

3 weeks and a day have passed since my last blog entry. Remember me? Its alright, I hardly would remember me either with that amount of time that I went missing.. I apologize for my absence, work picked up unexpectedly and on top of that I have been trying to spend every available second I had that I was not working, with Ben. Why might you ask? I wrote a little on the subject last here, but Ben was offered his dream job while we were up in Northern NH a few months back (you can find those entries here under the tag NH). He is working for a Boston, MA based band called Super Prime. If you like Blink 182, you should definitely check them out! But anyways, he's their merch guy, as well as the head of their street team and currently for the time being, he's also their Tour Manager.
Ben and the guys left on Saturday for a two month long tour, the first leg of the tour, which Super Prime will be one of the supporting acts for Set Your Goals and Cartel, covers nearly all of the United States. Immediately following that tour is a tour with We Are The In Crowd and Every Avenue in the UK. So basically, once one tour ends, they literally board a plane to fly over to London for the next, and they won't be home until the first few days of May, which is right before my 23rd birthday!
So there you have it! That to me is a perfectly acceptable excuse for my recent hiatus, don't you agree? I am pretty sad I won't be seeing Ben for two whole months, we've never spent more than a month apart from one another in our entire 6 year relationship, but knowing he's living his dream and getting to travel the world for free while doing so really eases the pain for me. I've posted the tour fliers below which list the dates and locations the shows will be stopping at. Do any of my readers listen to these bands? Are you going to a date of this tour? Let me know if you are!

February 28, 2012

A forest bird never wants a cage.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
striped top h&m
gray skinny jeans pacsun
satchel aldo
necklace target
flats pacsun
belt h&m

Highlight of my day (yesterday) - finding this old pair of skinny jeans tucked away at the very bottom of my jeans drawer that I bought my freshmen year of high school, never having been able to fit into them before (low rise but the waist does not give) Decided to put them on for shits and giggles, only to discover they fit! Finally! They're a bit wrinkly, but they had to be worn anyways in celebration of the happy occasion. Caitlin 1 Jeans 0.
I think I am going to shoot majority of my pictures in this location from now on, it's technically on my neighbors property, but the area where I climb over the stone wall and down the bank is out of sight from their house, so I should be good as long as they don't decide to take a stroll one sunny afternoon.. Talk about awkward, especially considering these are neighbors who I've never met/spoken to before. Lets hope they're nice because the newest location of my pictures depends on it!
Anyways, I just worked a long 8 hour day today, the stores grand opening (Kohls) is a mere 8 days from now, so everyone was running around the store looking like chickens with their heads cut off. Fortunately for me, it meant the day flew right by me and my 8 hour shift felt more like mere minutes.. So thats good I guess! But now I must run to Fed Ex with my Benjamin to help him do some work for his company, which means we'll be here for probably the next two or three hours.. le sigh.. BUT, he is rewarding me by taking me to my favorite place to grab some awesome mexican, so there's a silver lining there! Unfortunately though, I have a feeling I am going to be in zombie mode within the hour, which sucks considering I have another 8 hour day ahead of me tomorrow and I'm stuck here at Fed Ex helping him.. Pray for me here people! I've got a busy day/night and another day/night ahead of me.. I'm already looking forward to Thursday which is my day off so I can sleep til 2pm just like the good 'ol days.. ahh...

February 27, 2012

Package from Sephora.

I got a package that I have been super eager about receiving! It came to me last week so I am about a week into using it, so expect a review of the product(s) very soon. Ben ordered this for me as a belated Valentines Day gift which is just too sweet :) I've been really wanting to try the Vitamin E line out ever since I watched Essie Button's videos where she raves about this line constantly, so when Ben was asking me what I may have wanted for V-Day, this immediately popped into my head and I began doing my research on it.. I ended up ordering from Sephora versus The Body Shop and got some nice samplers with it! I must head off to work now, but I just wanted to share what I got! Thanks again Ben! <3