March 29, 2012

Well look what the cat dragged in..

Outfit Details:
denim jacket h&m
button down shirt forever 21
white tee h&m
black skinny jeans h&m
belt h&m
boots aldo
bracelets haywards trading post

So after a 3 week hiatus, I went missing for another 2 weeks. Oy, I am very sorry about that, by the way, but I am back, and I am going to be updating regularly again, promise. I have been unable to take outfit photos because as mentioned below, Ben's away for two months, and the batteries in my wireless remote have been dead for well over a year now. No matter how many sticky notes I left for myself, I always managed to forget to pick up a new battery. I'm pretty scatter brained in case you people hadn't already noticed..
Anyways, I am madly in love with my new denim jacket from H&M, it fits like a dream and has put my denim jacket from Forever 21 to shame, definitely expect to see this jacket more, lots more too. And please ignore my ever so serious bitch face.. I had only slept two hours, and what felt like a straight, emotionless look, I was actually looking quite unapproachable and mean. My bad.

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