February 21, 2012

A letter to you.

Outfit Details:
cardigan h&m
chiffon tank top pacsun
pants h&m
belt h&m
flats pacsun

I apologize greatly for becoming the blogger who says she's going to share certain content, then doesn't follow through with it.. This past weekend I was bumming pretty hard and neglecting my blog big time. My boyfriend and I's 6 year anniversary was Sunday (February 19th), earlier that week we were talking and deciding on how we wanted to spend it together, we decided a trip somewhere in New England would be nice so we were just trying to decide where we'd go exactly, then on Wednesday night or Thursday night (I can't quite remember exactly) we got the bad news that his new job needed him for the weekend.. He works for an up and coming band based out of Boston and they booked two shows very last minute, one in Hartford, CT on Saturday and one in Long Island on Sunday.. So I had to let him go work while I sat on the couch feeling depressed and having no energy to do a thing.. Which clearly meant no photos were edited and no entries were prepared..
But, I have him back in my grasp now, for a short while anyways, so I decided to suck it up and do some editing and writing. We're planning on taking our trip sometime soon, probably just the first full weekend we both have available, but I may have to request some time off of work if nothings working out for us.. He's going to be hitting the road on March 10th touring the US until mid April and then immediately following that tour flying over to Europe and the UK.
I am so proud of him for landing a job in this industry, although it isn't him on stage which I know he'd certainly prefer, he's been touring with his own band for years and years now and paying his dues, and it's incredible he's been recognized for it and rewarded with a hefty salary. He's the most hardworking and deserving human on this planet, and I know at times he feels like he's abandoning his band and throwing all the hard work away, he's such a charming, sweet boy, whose going to meet the best connections in the business which will eventually help him out in the long run. I am a strong believer of karma, and this guy deserves the greatest things the world has to offer.
If you read this Ben, chin up sweetheart, you're not abandoning your music, and good things will come your way. Simply put, success is what you deserve, and karma will bring it your way, for sure. I love you to the moon and back, Benji <3


  1. I love your top and eye makeup! Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper :) and it's really awesome that he gets to tour with a band.. what a sweet opportunity! Happy anniversary lovelies!


  2. so,so pretty! love the blouse :)

    ENJOY xoxo

  3. I adore the floral blouse. (:
    Check out my blog? (:


  4. Your outfit is adorable, so as your post to your boyfriend.
    Sincerely hope that you two could really go for a trip sometime soon.

    Stay sweet! :)