April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday and its little surprises.

Outfit Details:
cardigan forever 21
chambray dress forever 21
bag aldo
tights vera wang
shoes pac sun
rings h&m

I can already tell you that you'll be seeing quite a lot of this dress this spring and summer, its brand new, but its easily climbed its way up to the top of my favorites category. Its so thin and flowy, it will be perfect for those hot summer days. Uhh I just can't wait for warmer  days.. :) But the cardigan and the shoes are also new! The shoes are a little on the small side, and the cardigan is a little on this bigger side, so hopefully it shrinks in the wash, and the shoes stretch a little the more I wear them! I've been looking for the perfect peep toe flat, these aren't them, but for $3 I just couldn't say no! I mean, would you be able to?!
But did you all have a nice Easter? I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all! He certainly was to me! I am almost certain the next time I take photos I will look four times the size that I am, I've literally been living off of peeps and cadbury eggs. So good, yet so so bad.. haha. But I was even able to see Ben on Easter! It was the best Easter I've ever had! He's been away on tour for the last month touring the United States, and now he's gone for another month touring Europe and the UK (Currently in Amsterdam, but he'll be in Paris tomorrow!) but he had a day between the ending of one tour and his flight for the second, so we ended up getting a hotel room in Boston and having the best night together, ugh it was just so perfect.. Now I am hoping this next month absolutely flies by because it was such a tease only spending a single night with him! Although I am almost certain he disagrees since this is his first time in Europe and the UK..

Oh and please try to ignore the difference in editing after the first three photos.. The sunlight was shining through the trees behind me and a split second later it had completely set! I was so bummed because I loved the "golden hour" look I was getting.. I tried to recreate it, quite terribly if you can not tell, I mean, I am sure I could have done a better job if I had just taken my time with editing it, but I realized today was one of the only days I had to relax and it is already pretty late in the day, so I just wanted to get this entry up in time!

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  1. You look adorable! I love this. That little cardi is just perfect.
    And I had TONS of Cadbury eggs over Easter as well. They're just too good!