April 04, 2012

They say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you.

Outfit Details:
shirt dress forever 21
tights vera wang
earrings lucky brand
necklace forever 21
navy flats forever 21

I am the weirdo who goes and hangs out in cemeteries by herself. Here's the honest to god proof.. I used to hang out here all the time when I was in high school, me and my friends would 'sneak out' (my parents are very cool so they didn't care, but we liked to pretend they'd be mad if they knew..) late at night and freak ourselves out while we did a loop around the graveyard. It's definitely been years since I've been back, I almost forgot such a pretty location (kind of morbid, no?) was a 20 second drive from my house..
I had the entire day off yesterday and was planning on spending it how I normally spend my days off, unshowered, unmade-up, and creating a permanent divot in the couch cushions.. But I decided I should go get myself all made up and take photos in the cemetery. It may be difficult to tell considering my updating this blog has been so spotty lately, but I'm wearing some new items that have never been seen before on INDIE elise! I've wanted the perfect shirt dress for a long, long while. This isn't quite it, but it's pretty lovely in itself. And a disclaimer here; I do wear pants when ever I have worn this shirt-tunic. It's definitely cutting it a little too close to hoochie.. But the tights and jewelry are new as well! I am madly in love with the earrings, I'm not sure they are visible in any of the pictures, but I can definitely promise you you'll be seeing them again, and a lot. They have definitely worked their way into my 'favorites' collection.
But now I must go get myself ready for work tonight.. I've only ever worked one night shift so far, so I am pretty excited to close the store tonight! And I ended up picking up a 7 hour shift tomorrow morning, so yay more money! $$$ :) Have an excellent hump day, everyone!

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