January 30, 2012

The Basics

Outfit Details:
vera wang chiffon lurex cardigan simply vera
woven white tank top aerie
trousers h&m
belt h&m
shoes marshalls

Today is the day of Wednesday's vet visit. I am crossing my fingers and toes that it goes well and I recieve some answers as to what her illness is exactly. But, I'm not entirely sure what we're going over today. Just a regular check up I assume and they're going to walk me through step by step on how to hand feed her with a syringe (because it's so difficult and I feel like it should be way easier that it has been..) but I hope we talk about more other than just that..
Here is a perfect example of an "I have nothing to wear!" moment.. I woke up nice and early this day, took my sweet time getting myself all dolled up, and when it came time to dress myself I am pretty sure I just stood in front of my closet for a good 45 minutes seeing no possibilities. It was frustrating to say the least. Especially considering I had given myself plenty of time to put something together to photograph before going and running my errands, and instead I took more than an hour trying things on, hating them, and repeating that cycle over, and over, and over..
But I stuck with this look because it's simple but not to simple, the sheer chiffon details on the cardigan really save this look I feel from being to bland I think. It dresses it up just enough and keeps me out of that, just another girl wearing a cardigan, category. Don't you agree?

Also, I have decided I am going to be selling the bow heels, along with many other items I never wear! So keep your eyes peeled! I will be listing items for sale very shortly. All the money is going towards Wednesday's vet bills, I know I will be requesting an x-ray for her to see if there are any stones or what might be causing the bleeding. But I know an x-ray is going to cost me $88, and surgery will follow that I am sure, so I need as much money as I possibly can get. So hopefully you like what I've got!

January 29, 2012


I apologize for being absent these past last days. My guinea pig (yes, I am a 22 year old with a guinea pig. 3 actually!), Wednesday, has fallen very ill and I've been away trying to keep her health up until her vet visit on Monday. The vet suspects Bladder Stones or a Uterus infection, either way, she's in a lot of pain and has stopped eating on her own so I've been feeding her using a syringe every few hours. Guinea Pigs eat constantly throughout the day and night because their digestive system constantly needs to have food running through it or else they build up gas and liquid in their organs and in a short matter of time results in death, so I've got to force feed her every hour or two which is no easy task, she fidgets and fights me and spits out most of what I put into her mouth, so hopefully at the vet's tomorrow they don't have anymore bad news for me..
So yeah, thats where I've been and what I've been up to.. It's going to be an expensive, rocky road with Wednesday, but she's worth it! Hopefully I return with some good news tomorrow.. Wish us luck!
ps: the photo was taken a few weeks ago when she was healthy and fine! She's just wrapped in a towel because she just had a bath.

January 26, 2012

You know I'm a little lost

Outfit Details:
blazer thrifted
black lace romper forever 21
sheer collared top forever 21
tights vera wang
bow belt forever 21
floral tapestry bag urban outfitters
heels aldo

Total bummer moment of the day - Holding my cat when she had one of those typical "I don't want to be held!" cat moments, and put a nail through my tights and created a pull. Damnit. Those were the best tights I had come across.. I've had them for almost a year now and they were still going strong. le sigh..

Ben and I actually took these photos several days ago, he's been away in New York with a band he's been working for so I've been creating a nice dent in the couch cushions til he comes back. har har.
But seriously, I did finally nab a job at a new Kohls store opening up in my area and I'm currently anxiously awaiting for that to start! I hate how I am dead broke and confined to the couch until Ben comes home. The most exciting thing happening for me today is my dad giving me the money to do the families grocery shopping today. Yes! I finally have a reason to get dressed! :)

January 25, 2012

And I promise to fight the wind and wait for you

Outfit Details:
plaid button up shirt pacsun
high waisted shorts pacsun
tights vera wang
necklace king richard's renaissance faire
studded bow heels asos

Yesterday, Mother Nature gave us 'Shire folk some sunshine and temperatures nearing 50 degree's, I will never quite understand New Hampshire and it's bipolar seasons.. And I feel like a total brat saying this but I was incredibly happy to see the snow and ice begin melting away, I couldn't stop smiling, and being able to step foot outside my front door without nearly being blown away by freezing winds was a breath of fresh air, literally.
I have been reaching for this shirt almost every day since I purchased it, I am just so in love, which is rather surprising considering it was sort of an impulse buy since it was less than $5. But I really need to make sure I don't step foot into Pacsun for the next few months, their awesome sale they have going on is going to be the death of me, my wallet, and my wardrobe.. I don't want to be one of those chicks dripping head to toe wearing only Pacsun! Where's the fun in that?!
But, I am still deciding upon whether or not to sell these shoes, so hold tight and I will give you the final verdict in a few short days! Promise! But before I wrap this thing up, I wanted to point out my necklace! How awesome is it?! I bought it when I was in 7th grade attending this girls birthday party which was held at King Richard's Renaissance Faire in Massachusetts. Its a little nerdy, and I know this because one time when I was working at Staples, all the geeky boys complimented me on it saying it reminded them of something from Dungeons and Dragons or what have you.. It's kind of funny how quartz crystal necklaces are all the rage now! If only I had foreseen the trend back then and started making them when I was in 7th grade, I'd be loaded right no!... well, maybe..

January 23, 2012

but with eyes shut, its you I'm thinking of

Outfit Details:
knit shirt dress thrifted
bow belt forever 21
charm bracelet juicy couture
tights vera wang
studded bow heels asos

I've been contemplating selling these shoes for a long time now. I purchased them well over a year ago from asos because I thought they were so gorgeous and different and I knew I wouldn't see another girl wearing the same exact shoe as me. But because they are european sized and half sizes weren't available, I decided slightly bigger would be better then cramming myself into a slightly smaller fitting shoe. Boy was I wrong..
Since buying them they've been sitting looking pretty on a bookshelf, but thats about it. I only slip them on every so often to admire them, but walking in them is an absolute  impossible task for me which really bums me out.. I had hoped that because of the design of these shoes, the strap would hold me in place considering they were a half size to big, but that isn't the issue at all, because they're quite high, I stand on my tippy toes and the slope crams me into the front so the heel of my foot isn't on the heel of the shoe, thus making walking in these babies completely impossible.
I am going to sleep on it though, to think more of whether or not I should part ways with them or not. Give me a few days to decide and I'll let you know where to buy them if I decide to sell. Until then, hype my latest look on Lookbook please!

January 21, 2012

Denim on Denim

Outfit Details:
denim jacket forever 21
denim button up tank top vintage
striped skirt forever 21
tights vera wang
purse express
boots dolce vita

This weather is such a drag. I really thought snow would spice up my pictures some, but with the sun beaming down turning everything bright white and blinding, it's really hard to keep cool while my eyes are fighting to stay shut and my face is being consumed by my hair. And don't forget that it's fucking freezing out, I have to fight the elements while trying to produce nice pictures which is a tough thing I'm realizing, especially since I need to do so in a small time frame. What time frame is that might you be wondering? I've got to do all this before my nose, fingers and ears turn bright red. Those don't photograph well, trust me. Not cute.

January 19, 2012

Feelin' Nerdy

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
plaid shirt pacsun
jeans h&m
belt h&m
flats pacsun

Don't let the sunshine and forced smiles confuse you, it was cold out today. I should have just waited and shared this new shirt with you guys another day, but I was just to damn excited about it and couldn't wait. I apologize for the crap photos, I hate how they're so blown out and quickly, but sloppily, edited. I was not expecting it to be as windy as it was or as cold, so Ben and I sat out there for 15 minutes while I battled my hair and tried to keep my shirt down, pretty unsuccessful photo shoot if you ask me. This shirt is so flowy and boxy that it's hard to photograph without it making me look fat, and with the high winds we were having these were the few photos where I didn't look morbidly obese.. Boo, maybe next time..

A hint of green

Outfit Details:
green cardigan h&m
chiffon collared hi low hem tank top forever 21
basic black tank forever 21
black trousers h&m
belt h&m
metallic flats steve madden

I'm running out the door for a doctors appointment this afternoon, but I just wanted to pop in quickly to share these photos with you! I threw this outfit together within minutes yesterday for a job interview I was of course running late for. But despite being tardy the gentlemen who sat in on the group interview pulled me aside and let me know that out of the 12 of us applying, I was the only one who would be receiving a call back, so it looks like I'll finally be employed again after a 3 month hiatus! Woohoo!
I don't really find this look worthy of sharing, it's one of my very basic outfits that I normally try to keep off of my blog just because it's so boring, but considering I did not post a single outfit this weekend, this will have to do... We've been getting slammed with wild whipping winds these last few days, so incase you hadn't noticed here, I am trying my hardest to control my hair while also attempting to not look like I am totally freezing and wanting to go inside.. So what do you think, did  I pull it off?! (no..)