January 26, 2012

You know I'm a little lost

Outfit Details:
blazer thrifted
black lace romper forever 21
sheer collared top forever 21
tights vera wang
bow belt forever 21
floral tapestry bag urban outfitters
heels aldo

Total bummer moment of the day - Holding my cat when she had one of those typical "I don't want to be held!" cat moments, and put a nail through my tights and created a pull. Damnit. Those were the best tights I had come across.. I've had them for almost a year now and they were still going strong. le sigh..

Ben and I actually took these photos several days ago, he's been away in New York with a band he's been working for so I've been creating a nice dent in the couch cushions til he comes back. har har.
But seriously, I did finally nab a job at a new Kohls store opening up in my area and I'm currently anxiously awaiting for that to start! I hate how I am dead broke and confined to the couch until Ben comes home. The most exciting thing happening for me today is my dad giving me the money to do the families grocery shopping today. Yes! I finally have a reason to get dressed! :)


  1. Very beautiful photos and you look amazing! *_* =)
    Your blog wonderful and I follow you now!
    I will be glad to see you in my blog ;-)

  2. beautiful outfit! you have beautiful hair:)

  3. You look fabulous!

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  4. ahh I am in LOVE with that bag and those shoes! sooo cute