January 25, 2012

And I promise to fight the wind and wait for you

Outfit Details:
plaid button up shirt pacsun
high waisted shorts pacsun
tights vera wang
necklace king richard's renaissance faire
studded bow heels asos

Yesterday, Mother Nature gave us 'Shire folk some sunshine and temperatures nearing 50 degree's, I will never quite understand New Hampshire and it's bipolar seasons.. And I feel like a total brat saying this but I was incredibly happy to see the snow and ice begin melting away, I couldn't stop smiling, and being able to step foot outside my front door without nearly being blown away by freezing winds was a breath of fresh air, literally.
I have been reaching for this shirt almost every day since I purchased it, I am just so in love, which is rather surprising considering it was sort of an impulse buy since it was less than $5. But I really need to make sure I don't step foot into Pacsun for the next few months, their awesome sale they have going on is going to be the death of me, my wallet, and my wardrobe.. I don't want to be one of those chicks dripping head to toe wearing only Pacsun! Where's the fun in that?!
But, I am still deciding upon whether or not to sell these shoes, so hold tight and I will give you the final verdict in a few short days! Promise! But before I wrap this thing up, I wanted to point out my necklace! How awesome is it?! I bought it when I was in 7th grade attending this girls birthday party which was held at King Richard's Renaissance Faire in Massachusetts. Its a little nerdy, and I know this because one time when I was working at Staples, all the geeky boys complimented me on it saying it reminded them of something from Dungeons and Dragons or what have you.. It's kind of funny how quartz crystal necklaces are all the rage now! If only I had foreseen the trend back then and started making them when I was in 7th grade, I'd be loaded right no!... well, maybe..


  1. Hi! I've seen on lookbook, and how much you look like me, here I am in your blog! I became a follower and is perfect! kisses