January 15, 2012

Sale Shopping

Purse - originally $? / marked down to $19.99 / additional 40% off = $11.99
Red Wedges - originally $59.90 / marked down to $29.99 / additional 40% off = $17.99

You know those certain stores we rarely buy from but we're still on their weekly mailing list just so we get their coupons and special sales in the off chance that we'll come across something we like AND have a coupon to use on that said item? Well Express is one of those stores for me. Don't get me wrong, I love their take on how a workplace women should dress. It's sophisticated yet sexy; they use great materials and everything is very fitted to show off the female figure without making the customer look like the office whore. It's exactly how I'd dress if I were working a job where business/business casual was the dress code.
I have shopped there plenty of times and everything I have purchased still looks brand new even after months and months of wear (Tip! If you're looking for a pair of skinny jeans to show off your lady curves AND give you the perfect butt, there jeans are the route to go. They're fairly expensive but wait for their 'buy one get one 1/2 off' sales. I promise you you won't regret the purchase!) but I have realized over time that they aren't necessarily targeting my body type. I have found that even their size 0 dresses sag off me and just look like I'm wearing a very pretty potato sack, that their jackets of all sizes make me appear to be super wide even with a sash, and most of their blazers give me that manly broad shoulder look but remain stiff at the waist so I look like a small child playing dress up in my mothers business clothes.
I've learned I can't fall in love with what I see on their website and order it, I must go in store to try it on. So ladies, if you're 5'4 1/2 and think you look about my size, I'd advise you to do the same! But anyways, I've been madly inlove with these wedges since black friday, which was when I was in store trying on that star shirt I just had to have. The deal then was 40% off the $59.90 price tag, but I am strictly a 6.5 and express doesn't make half sizes, so I was trying to decide if I wanted to go too tight or too loose.. In the end I clearly decided to just part ways and spend my money elsewhere.. Since then I have gone in several times trying to justify the purchase, but every time my conscience is right there with me telling me no way.
Yesterday before going to the mall with my sister I happened to get one of their emails so I decided to check the site to see if I wanted to go in trying to find anything specific. I found the wedges online for $29.99 on sale PLUS an additional 40% off, I was ecstatic, totally willing to buy them even with the risk of me completely annihilating my feet and never managing to wear them past the front door. My excitement was quickly crushed however when I clicked on them and they were listed as sold out everywhere. Bummed, but willing to carry on with life, so I went on my merry way to go on a shopping spree with my sister.
I have a few other items from different places that I am going to share with you later, but I dragged my sister into Express since the purpose of the shopping trip was to find her nice, all black bottoms that she can wear to beauty school since jeans/anything above the knee isn't allowed. We were rummaging through the sale bins for her when I came across the wedges at the very bottom! Only a size 6 and 8 were left, and I am so happy I found this particular size 6, because it seems like someone with a much wider foot crammed these on and stretched out the leather making them actually very comfortable. I don't think I've been this excited over a pair of shoes in a long time, and the purse is just the icing on the cake. So if you're looking for a pretty good sale with nothing specific in mind, I would definitely suggest checking out Express! 


  1. Oh love your blog, this post is great & ur pretty! I think Im gonna read your older posts now.

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  2. love the bag and red wedges you posted :D i recently got myself a pair of black ones and i love how they're so versatile. I know what you mean by being subscribed to mailing subscriptions where the prices aren't always "right" (as in affordable). i also have those too but i guess more so to see what new styles they have on their site for inspiration. But I definitely agree! I remember I was watching a youtube video on someone's forever21 haul. The girl had on a really nice looking motorjacket..i tried it on yesterday in the store and it didn't look as nice on me in person lol so i didn't get it. Anyways, great blog :D i just stumbled upon it. keep in touch <3

    it's cool that you're going to london to continue your studies in fashion! I've always wanted to go there too ^_^ try to post pictures while your there on your new website; congrats on that too. love your outfit (i think the braid and top makes this outfit so cute and unique) keep in touch! <3