January 12, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Outfit Details:
scarf aldo
glasses juicy couture
oversized sweater express
jeans target
boots thrift

Look what we finally got! SNOW! Wooo~! I am sure the excitement will wear off within a couple of days, but for now I am fully appreciating mother nature turning my yard into a beautiful yet belated winter wonderland. I was really starting to be concerned with how long she's been holding out on us..
Any who, I just wanted to pop in and give a little hello & very many thank you's to those of you who've hyped/become my lookbook 'fan' recently, and also a welcome to the new readers I've acquired within the last couple of days! I really appreciate all your super sweet compliments you've given me and I promise I've been reading them all and they are greatly appreciated! I've just been a bit busy spending my time with Ben since he started a new full time job earlier this week and we haven't seen very much of each other. AND he'll be in New York City all weekend away on business (can you tell he's landed a pretty sweet job?!) so I'm trying to get in as much time with him as possible before I am stranded here alone for the weekend..
This outfit/entire look is pretty rough, haha. I NEVER wear my hair up, nor do I ever wear my glasses (yes, behold, I am a four eyes....) and thats yesterdays make up still on my face.. But I wanted to supply you guys with photographic proof that I am alive and well! so, ta-da! This is what a grungy Caitlin looks like :)

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  1. This scarf is so pretty! I want one too!
    And omg, someone has snow! I wish we had a bit of it here in Croatia too!
    Nice blog, visit mine, and if you'd like it we can follow each other!
    Have a great day!
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams