January 15, 2012

The Fine Details.

I just wanted to apologize for not having posted any outfits this weekend! During Ben and I's 'northern get away' he received an incredible job offer to be the head merchandise guy for an up and coming band located in Boston. He's currently in New York City (jealous!!!) with them helping them film their music video and do many other things so I'm sort of photographer-less til Monday, MAYBE Tuesday but we'll hope that isn't the case!
With that being said, I wanted to add in that I own the camera equipment because I am the actual photographer in the relationship, but it's so much easier to just quickly tinker with it's settings and hand it off to him rather than set up my tripod which is currently MIA and use my wireless remote whose weird stubby looking batteries have been dead for months now.. I think he does an incredible job and he makes running this thing a whole hell of a lot easier. So if you read this Ben, I think you're doing wonderful and I am missing you tons! Take good care of him, New York!

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