January 23, 2012

but with eyes shut, its you I'm thinking of

Outfit Details:
knit shirt dress thrifted
bow belt forever 21
charm bracelet juicy couture
tights vera wang
studded bow heels asos

I've been contemplating selling these shoes for a long time now. I purchased them well over a year ago from asos because I thought they were so gorgeous and different and I knew I wouldn't see another girl wearing the same exact shoe as me. But because they are european sized and half sizes weren't available, I decided slightly bigger would be better then cramming myself into a slightly smaller fitting shoe. Boy was I wrong..
Since buying them they've been sitting looking pretty on a bookshelf, but thats about it. I only slip them on every so often to admire them, but walking in them is an absolute  impossible task for me which really bums me out.. I had hoped that because of the design of these shoes, the strap would hold me in place considering they were a half size to big, but that isn't the issue at all, because they're quite high, I stand on my tippy toes and the slope crams me into the front so the heel of my foot isn't on the heel of the shoe, thus making walking in these babies completely impossible.
I am going to sleep on it though, to think more of whether or not I should part ways with them or not. Give me a few days to decide and I'll let you know where to buy them if I decide to sell. Until then, hype my latest look on Lookbook please!


  1. such a cute shoes! I love them! nice colour of the dress!
    Enter my giveaway if you want to win beautiful bow-dotted necklace and sequined belt!
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  2. such a cute dress! never been to your blog before but i love it its great!
    :) x