January 13, 2012

Confined to the couch.

This is pretty much all I've done today. Hang out with my cat, whose also been a complete lazy bones with me. What a great kitty.
I woke up this morning with a pretty terrible cold and all my muscles were aching. I have had a headache from hell, a stuffy but also runny nose, and a very sore throat all day long. I will never again disregard that one sentence we've all heard our mothers repeat over and over again to us during our youth; "Put a coat on or else you'll catch a cold!" Nope, never ever again, because I ignored it last night while shoveling my massive drive way, only wearing a cami and the sweater last worn here, and I'm now paying the price by being confined to the couch all day. I hope it passes for tomorrow, because I have plans to do a little shopping with my sister. We'll see! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I am really looking forwards to it.

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