January 09, 2012

Wishing It Were Warmer.

Outfit Details:
starry blouse express
velvet bustier forever 21
high waisted cut offs diy
purse pacsun
tights vera wang
laced wedges forever 21
necklace target

So I would be a complete lier if I told you I wore this look recently. One being the obvious reason that it is winter (although it hardly looks like it is outside..) and two, as most of you know I'm currently unemployed and job hunting like a mad women, so I don't think I could get by you guys with telling you I wore this to the grocery store.. Not very appropriate grocery shopping attire. I mean, I see nothing wrong with this, but c'mon, I live in New Hampshire people.. of course this would fly in a Cali supermarket, but people just don't dress like this to run their errands around these parts..
No, I was simply piecing together looks the other day with a few of my new purchases and one of my favorites is this velvet bustier I purchased from Forever 21 a few days ago. I am suddenly loving velvet at the moment, which is weird because the last time I wore velour was probably when my mom was still dressing me and she'd put my sister and I in matching velour dresses and leggings. So yeah, it's been a while..
But I did wear this around the house for a few hours because we had very warm weather recently. And when I say very, I'm talking high forty's/fifties. For New Hampshire, who at this time of year is typically being hammered with snow and sleet and freezing rain creating feet upon feet of snow that won't melt until the month of May even, thats very abnormally warm for us.
But there's still no snow, and after a day like that I don't foresee snow coming for much much longer.. Bummer..

ps: what do you guys think about the way I posted my photos this time around? I edited them two, side by side in photoshop rather than just posting them one at a time. Do you think it looks better/more neat? Or should I go back to the old way? I'm just not sure, so give me your thoughts! :)


  1. Great blog and great looks ♥ found you on lookbook, and hyped the latest one ;)

  2. thank you so much for your comment, I really love this outfit, I'm following, follow mine,



  3. Acabo de descubrir tu blog, te sigo! Te dejo el mío y si te apetece y te gusta te espero como seguidora :) Muak


  4. Love your outfit and omg those shoesssss!!!!

    Good luck with the job hunt :) xx


  5. amazing look :)
    Love Lois xxx