February 12, 2012

Sunday fun day.

Outfit Details:
blazer coat forever 21
oversized slouch sweater express
sheer button down tank top forever 21
acid wash skinny jeans express
leopard print scarf aldo
purse pacsun
jeffrey campbell martini spike

Sunday has come and nearly passed and it's been a nice one at that I have to say. I got to sleep in (I say that like it's a rare occurrence, hah.) bum around the house, and get ready on my own time. Eventually, Ben and I went out of town to run a few errands for his company and I ate at Boloco for the first time ever. After we picked up a few giant cans of mikes hard and sped home for the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead. It is my all time favorite show ever, it's just too good.. Now we're finishing off our final can and anxiously  awaiting "The Talking Dead" to come on, but truthfully, we probably won't even make it and will end up falling asleep.. Oh, our crazy wild adult lives that we live, haha..
But you should expect to see this outfit later on this week again.. Considering I literally threw it all on, I was really excited about photographing it in my neighbors field to share with you all, but I took one step outside and my fingers and toes froze and nearly fell off.. So there was no way I could get pictures of the actual look considering the jacket had to stay on if I wanted to live to see another day. And I am (hardly) not even kidding, I don't think I've experienced a colder day before in my entire life living in New England, and trust me, we know cold. This 'photo shoot' lasted literally .2 seconds, then Ben and I called it quits. Hopefully the days start getting warmer, I am really looking forward to spring and being able to leave the house with no coat and be completely fine. Mother Nature, warm our bones! send us some sunshine soon, please!

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