February 06, 2012

an unexpected change of plans.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
polka dot top urban outfitters
pants forever 21
belt h&m
flats thrifted

Good morning! I was originally planning on sleeping in today after a long night of drinking and watching the Super Bowl (Patriots lost :( ), but Ben woke me up to tell me I had a message on the answering machine regarding my new job. When I was first offered the job my Orientation date was February 9th, but a week after that I got another call, from a different woman, offering me the same job.. After I informed her of already having the position, she said something like, "Alright, sorry about that! We'll see you on February 6th then!" and hung up upon saying that without giving me the chance to correct her. I was going to call today just to be sure, until the newest message left said "Calling to confirm your February 7th orientation!" Ugh.. So I had to call to straighten things out, and apparently there are two Caitlins and they had gotten us mixed up, but I actually do start tomorrow I guess. 8:30am, bright and early! Can't wait!
I haven't been up to much really these last couple of days, Ben's had a busy week with work so I've spent most of my days at home relaxing. The photos are from two days ago when he had a surprise day off so we decided to go have lunch and drive around listening to music and enjoy the sunshine. As you can see we aren't confined to taking photos in my driveway! The snows melting so we're able to venture off to find some better locations. Not entirely sure this is the best one yet, but it's certainly better than pavement, wouldn't you agree? But I also am expecting a package that I'm out of my mind excited about receiving, if you follow me on instagram (username: seasickness) or tumblr (INDIE elise) you probably are already well aware of what it is, but expect me to write an entry with photos introducing to you my new babies <3

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