February 09, 2012

First pair of Jeffrey Campbell's.

That package I mentioned before here, arrived almost immediately after I wrote that entry believe it or not.. I just haven't had the chance to share with you what it was because these flats literally have not left my feet since the moment they arrived.. But and if you haven't already cheated and checked out my tumblr or instagram account (Seasickness), I am so excited to share with you it's contents (drum roll please).. a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Martini Spike's! eeeek! My JC cherry has been popped! I have been lusting for these since I first saw them back in October, but they've been sold out everywhere in every size for months now. It wasn't until one late night a few weeks back that I got my email from Solestruck letting me know they've been replenished in every size and color imaginable, I immediately jumped from the couch, ran upstairs, and woke my sleeping boyfriend to let him know so he could order them that moment incase they were to fly off the shelf overnight.. I just couldn't risk it and take that chance!
So you guys better prepare yourselves, I have a feeling majority of my outfits are going to involve these beauties. I am in serious love with them, and although they're a smidgen on the tight side, I'm willing to suck it up and take the pain to break them in because there is no way in hell they're being sent back. My heart is happy and they're here to stay.
Oh and if you're reading this thinking I am a brat for making my boyfriend buy me these, he owed me a Christmas present still :) So these are my very belated Christmas gift from him. Thank you, Benny!


  1. Those shoes are so awesome, just like everything else Jeffrey Campbell!

  2. I want one!!! ;p