February 18, 2012

Inspiration: Street Style

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I hadn't really gotten the opportunity to edit any photos, Ben's working this weekend; tonight in Hartford, CT, then Long Island on Sunday, which happens to be the day of our 6 year anniversary.. Its real quite shitty work came up last minute and we aren't able to spend tomorrow together, but we went out to lunch early today since he had to be up and out by 1pm. So yeah, too busy to edit because I was spending every last second with Ben since we can't be together on our significant day.
So instead, I have a handful of street styles to share with you all. Specifically one's that inspire me, I definitely wish I owned every article of clothing pictured above, also wishing I still had my bright red hair.. damn, I gotta bring that back.. Anyways, my Saturday night is being spent cleaning/tidying up my room for when Ben comes home, and munching on sweets he bought me before leaving today. I've got to warn you all though, be prepared for a super sappy entry tomorrow. Brace yourselves.

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