December 28, 2011

A Typical New England Winter? Hardly.

Outfit Details:
coat h&m
blouse forever 21
pants h&m
belt h&m
navy flats forever 21
handbag tj maxx

I am absolutely shocked by the weather we've been having lately, you know you're a true New Englander when you're actually bumming over the lack of snow on the ground! I can not believe how warm it's been! And still no snow! If this isn't an obvious sign of the effects of global warming, then I don't know what is.. We did have a spontaneous snow storm on October 30th which left us with more than a foot and a half of snow, but as you can tell it's clearly melted away by now. I just hope this annoying rain turns into snow by tonight! I would love to wake to see a pretty blanket of white covering the earth.. Oh how I wish!
This outfit which I wore yesterday sports two new items given to me by Santa Clause! The jacket which is from H&M, was na incredible 50% off which Santa just couldn't refuse, and the blouse is just to pretty to pass up on too! I am actually surprised how this outfit looks in these photos, I look so short! I mean, I am pretty short (5'4 1/2!), but the blouse is slightly cropped, so I thought by pairing them with slightly higher waisted jeans my legs would seem elongated, but that just doesn't seem to be the case! Either way, I pieced this one together because I needed to dress for two occasions yesterday, the first was the wake of a good old friend of Ben and I's who lost his mother tragically a week ago today (so close to the Holidays :( ), and the second event was a gathering of Ben's parents friends to celebrate the holidays, so I needed something dressy, but also some what casual and appropriate for the wake.

I also wanted to ask you guys what you'd like to see more of here on Indie Elise. Do you feel I should just keep on trucking with the usual Outfit of the Day blog entries with a little snippet detailing that particular day? Or perhaps more day in the life photos, or wish lists maybe? I'm open to suggestions! Indie Elise is still fairly new (although technically this blog was started this time last year, so she's 1 year old truthfully!) so I am definitely willing to work with you here to an extent to serve you with blog entries of your preferred taste! Just shoot me a comment listing some of the things your few favorite bloggers do that make them your favorite bloggers! I look forwards to reading what you have to say! But for now, it's 5:15 in the morning and I haven't had a wink of sleep quite yet, so to stop me from wasting my Wednesday and sleeping through the entire day i'm forcing myself off for now. So, Sweet Dreams!...?


  1. i just have to agree with you, even here in FINLAND hasn't been snow like at all! few times it has been snowing and the ground has been white but in the next morning... there is grey again!

    but i like your blog and i started to follow, found you on tumblr, love your pictures :)

    and sorry my crappy english, i'm a typical finn =D

  2. Absolutely love this look!

  3. That red jacket really pops in that first photo, Caitlin! You look so beautiful in these pictures!!

    I hope you had a great holiday.

    Happy New Year xo

  4. very cute! love your outfit :D