December 04, 2011

Date at the Museum.

Outfit Details:
flannel pacsun
white tank victorias secret
black jeans target
sneakers vans

Forewarning, this is a picture heavy post.. brace yourselves.. (;
Last week Ben took me on a wonderful date to see a Rock and Roll Photography exhibit at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH. It was one of the best dates he's ever taken me on, easily. His parents told us about the exhibit a couple months back, and they also happened to have two free day passes that they kindly offered us too! Ben and I are both struggling with money lately (me being jobless and he taking on car payments and college loans beginning this December! Yikes!) so we've been spending many a nights in, which has us a bit stir crazy, so we were thrilled to have a reason to leave the house that wouldn't cost us a dime!
The exhibit was incredible, I primarily shoot band photography so I was like a little kid in a candy shop looking at original prints framed of Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, The Who, The Beatles, etc etc etc.. We also were able to see all the other artwork this museum had to offer which was pretty cool too. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the Rock and Roll exhibit, and since they had guys in suits with ear pieces standing guard, and Ben and I were the only ones in the room the entire time, I wasn't able to sneak any pictures with my SLR.. BUT I did sneak a few shots with my iTouch and have posted them on instagram, so if you've got an instagram account, you can check them out there and follow me as well! seasickness is my username.
But below are photos of Ben and I's favorite pieces that we saw that day. We also later went to our favorite diner, The Red Arrow, but it's so small and I only had my 50mm lens with me, so I really wasn't able to take any pictures after the museum.. but again, there are a few shots on my instagram from there! So be sure to check that out :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I love your casual, cute outfit.

  2. Beautiful photos! This museum looks really amazing! I really love the Chinese vases.
    - Marie