December 29, 2011

Playing with fire.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
woven tank aerie
tank tops victorias secret
skirt h&m
belt forever 21
leggings target
knee high socks forever 21
boots thrift

So big things happened today, Ben juggled his torches for the first time! And if you don't quite understand, he juggled fireAnd he didn't burn himself or catch anything around him on fire. Therefore deeming his first go at it a complete success! I was pretty nervous for him, especially considering todays weather, chilly and very windy, but he juggled them flawlessly and totally nailed it. I am so happy for him :)
I sort of threw this outfit together very last minute, I've acquired this new awesome habit of sleeping through my alarms every morning now it seems, and by awesome I mean totally frustrating. I have no idea why I've randomly picked this habit up considering I am using the same alarm ringer as before, but it's been happening for over a week now! I really hope it doesn't happen to me tomorrow because Ben's brother just got back from being deployed in Japan for the past 5 or 6 months so his family is taking us into Boston to spend the day together tomorrow. So dear alarm gods, if you can hear me, please wake me at 7am tomorrow, please.
Other than that news, I did a teensy bit of shopping today which I am excited to share with you what I got! I know I sound like a broken record saying this, but I swear once the holidays slow down I'll have pretty pictures detailing my Christmas gifts as well as my recent purchases. I promise. But I must call it a night now since I've got an early wake up call ahead of me tomorrow, hopefully I remember to bring my camera so I can share with you how our day in Boston went. :) But for now, good night!

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  1. I like your socks peaking out of your boots!

    xo Jennifer