December 15, 2011

Rosy red.

Outfit Details:
cardigan h&m
crop button up thrift
dress target
boots fergalicious
tights vera wang
charm bracelet juicy couture

These photos don't really show it, but today's weather is pretty dreary. After Ben's gig we bid farewell to northern most New Hampshire and headed south to our second booked hotel. The town we're currently in for the night isn't anything impressive, plus not to mention it's been raining pretty steadily since 4am this morning so we're opting out of exploring our surroundings and just lying in our King size bed getting drunk. Sounds like a good alternative to me!
Fun fact though, our hotel is right next to the location of the first ever widely publicized alien abduction in America. I am slightly petrified though due to the fact that I am a definite believer of extraterrestrial life forms and when I was younger I researched them so much that I gave myself countless reoccurring nightmares.. so fingers crossed I am able to fall asleep tonight!