December 15, 2011

A day spent exploring.

Outfit Details:
teal jacket h&m
scarf forever 21
cardigan pacsun
tank forever 21
jeans target
bow waist belt forever 21
boots thrift

Yesterday I made the wise decision to save a dress I had packed and to instead wear a much more comfortable outfit since we planned on spending the entire day off exploring the strange town of Colebrook, NH. And I definitely did not regret my wardrobe decision one bit, i'm sure you've noticed my red nose, cheeks, and iced over fingers in these pictures. It was mighty cold out, and trekking through the snow to find the cool locations we were told to seek out didn't help warm us up either as you might imagine. There were a few times where we had to stop so Ben could wrap his much larger hands around mine and shove them in his pockets for a few minutes to try to return my fingers to their original coloring. It was frigid, just trust me on this one.
But as you can see, acquiring nearly frost bitten finger tips was well worth it, the locations we found were BEAUTIFUL. We were told we MUST visit the Colebrook waterfall above all else by the gentleman who owns the hotel we're staying at. When we were on the hunt for it, I envisioned a rinky dink little stream trickling down a slight hill because when I hear the word WATERFALL, I immediately picture the kinds of waterfalls located on gorgeous tropical islands that decent from mountain tops into clear blue lakes. I had little faith that a waterfall in New Hampshire would even be the slightest bit impressive, but BOY was I wrong about that.. It was massive and completely breath taking (as you can see!) It certainly impressed me! And I solemnly swear that from now on I will have more of an open mind about northern New Hampshire, it's certainly full of surprises and unexpected beauty. I really have grown to love it up here.. I'd even possibly consider living here one day if only these towns weren't four hours away from the closest mall.. That is just too far from civilization.. but an occasional visit every now and again is definitely a must I'd say.
After the waterfall Ben and I sought out a covered bridge we were also told to check out then spent the remainder of our evening walking Colebrook's downtown area, popping into the occasional store to see what a town like this has to offer. One thing I'd like to mention, I truly regret forgetting to pack contact solution, because the cheapest we were able to buy it was a $12 knock off brand medium sized bottle. Damn you my forgetful mind and damn you little town in the middle of no where jacking up your contact solution prices just because you can. Just damn you!
Today we're headed back up north a little ways to a school just a town or two over from the first school that we had visited on Tuesday. Hopefully it will be another in-and-out quickly kinda job, then we're making the drive a few hours south into civilization to check into our last and final hotel of the trip and do some more exploring! I have tons of photos so stay tuned for those!

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  1. Breath taking scenery! Beautiful photos & outfits :) xx