December 12, 2011

nonstop weekend.

Outfit Details:
top forever 21
pants h&m
belt h&m
scarf forever 21
flats forever 21

I can not believe I didn't have a single free moment to post this weekend.. seriously I'm so sorry! Especially considering i've returned to find that I have several new followers. Welcome to Indie Elise and I swear I won't be a terrible blogger! Promise!
Anyways, I am quite disappointed that the only free moment Ben and I had to snap some quick outfit photos happened to be a day that I was wearing the most boring outfit of the weekend... how typical. One of the days I was dolled up and wearing a few new pieces, and then tonight his band played a show and it was ugly sweater themed, so I am bummed I am unable to share with you all my ugly sweater! It's actually not very ugly and instead quite wonderful, so I will have to keep an eye out for ugly sweater themed anythings happening in my area so I have an excuse to wear it again to show you all! But for now, you'll just have to squirm in your seats waiting for that day to arrive.
But tomorrow should be a pretty low key day for Ben and I. We have a few errands to run in preparation for our week.. Ben's job is sending him way way up in northern NH (basically Canada) so he's booked us a few hotels to stay in and we're making a mini vacation out of it! I am actually quite excited because it's so spur of the moment and it's not the typical 'vacation' spot so we're excited to find our own attractions and to take in the beautiful scenery. I'm really hoping to see tons of moose and other rarely seen wildlife during our trip! When I think of northern NH thats what I imagine, so hopefully my assumptions are correct!
But I now must call it a night, it's nearly 3am and I am planning on waking up at a decent hour tomorrow.. my sleep schedule is already a bit screwed up so hopefully I get back on track because Tuesday we are leaving mighty early for our northern get away and currently I haven't woken up before noon for the past week straight! That needs to be fixed pronto! So this means, goodnight for now!

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