December 02, 2011

Ben's Birthday

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
tank top pacsun
black tank forever 21
jeans target
belt h&m
flats marshalls

Before Ben and I cuddle up and call it a night, I wanted to quickly share the photos from today and a quick summary of how Ben's birthday went! It was a simple day that blew by I feel, but Ben begs to differ.. We had quite a bit planned for our morning but he unexpectedly received a sub call this morning (he substitute teaches for some extra side cash) so he started his day at 6am while I slept in til 1pm and we didn't meet up until 3:30, so all that was planned was sort of squashed considering our home cooked birthday dinner would be waiting on the table for us at 5ish.
We ate good food, enjoyed his families company, and he got to test out his new top of the line juggling pins he received as a gift from his parents. And if you're reading this and wondering, yes, Ben is one of those guys who works many odd jobs but manages to make incredible money while doing so. So jealous of him, I'm currently struggling trying to find myself a job and he's got several! Just so not fair..
Anyways, my outfit is rather simple but simple is sort of my thing.. I really just threw it together while rushing out the door (and when I said we met up at 3:30, we were supposed to meet up at 3.. I suffer from chronic always-lateness..) and all I really had in mind was I wanted and needed to wear that red chiffon tank top I bought on black Friday.. I have so many ideas on how to wear it but all of them seem to require nice summery weather which we did not have today.. so I just threw a cardigan over the main attraction and accepted defeat and will try again some other day.. But I wanted to also throw in some photos I took of Ben juggling his new pins! I wasn't able to take many photos because it was actually pretty chilly today and his frozen hands and fingers made catching and throwing the pins difficult and painful, so I only managed two decent shots.. 
But I am off to bed now to hopefully wake at a more reasonable hour than I did today.. I have a few errands that need to be done, then in the evening Ben and I are taking a spur of the moment trip which i'll elaborate more on tomorrow..

Hope you all had a smashing first of the month!

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