January 29, 2011

More New York & Things

I am home and trying to sleep in my own bed tonight, alone. It is really a difficult task after having spent every night in bed beside Ben since Sunday, kind of terrible the first night sleeping alone. He and I had this conversation on the ride home, how we have literally spent every single day together, every single minute with the exception of leaving one another to use a bathroom, and how we're becoming a 'real' adult couple.
It is hard to put it into words, he and I have been a real couple for years now, this coming February is our five year, so we've definitely matured and know we will be together until the end of the world, but the only thing is is we both still live at home. Both still only work part time jobs, and usually we spend our nights in our own beds. So since we don't have an apartment, and this was sort of our first "vacation," it made us feel adult and grown up for the first time in our entire relationship. Was a nice change of pace.

But since I am unable to sleep, and the other websites are boring me, I decided to share the clothes I bought while on my trip. Again, I hardly spent any of my funds, I would say under $130, which I brought over $400 for some hefty shopping. But I suppose I will try to save the remaining funds and try to think of the perfect Valentines day gift AND five year anniversary gift. I am a little worried because nothing is coming to mind right now. I am just clueless! Do any of you have ideas or suggestions?

(Outfit details: first four pictured are from Forever 21; Stripped Dress, Mousie Jumper, Stripped Blazer, Taupe Cami. Spring time floral dress, Liquid leggings, and the tights/knee highs are all from H&M)

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