January 28, 2011

New York, New York

I have bag's under my eyes that will last for days, every muscle in my body is pulled and sore, and I probably gained 5 pounds because of the amount of fast food I consumed, but nonetheless, the trip to NYC was an absolute blast and it was so tough to leave.
We decided to leave a day early because of a supposed snow storm, so Ben and I Pricelined a hotel in Stamford, an hour outside of NYC, and managed to snag an amazing room in the Hilton for $50! What a score :) We just drank ourselves silly and rested for the days that lay before us.. The next morning we woke early to try and beat the storm but unfortunately it had started early, so the drive was pretty rough and took longer than an hour, but the city was pretty dead and deserted, so we didn't have much issues getting into the city. We checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Times Square at 11 and got on with our day, exploring the city, doing a teeny bit of shopping, and Ben ended up getting us in the studio audience of MTV's The Seven! That was an experience! Sitting in the old TRL studio, thinking of all the famous celebrities and musicians that have performed and been interviewed. TRL was a huge part of my childhood, so it was just a great life experience. Soon after the taping of The Seven, we went to the St. James theatre to watch the showing on Broadway of American Idiot, which was the whole point of our trip, and I highly suggest it to EVERYONE if they are looking for things to do while in the city. I am not the biggest Green Day fan ever, I enjoy a few of their songs but I am not a die hard fan or anything, but the show really appeals to all audiences. The acting, singing, dancing, was all just phenomenal. Plus Ben and I were fortunate to catch a date where Billie Joe Armstrong himself was performing as St. Jimmy, which was incredible because we were just so close to the stage. It really is a fantastic show, I recommend it to everyone.
The next and final day was a planned shopping day in the city. If you go through my older posts you'll know I was insanely excited about visiting and shopping at Topshop, buying a few pairs of Doc Martens, and even the Arty ring from YSL. But because of the prior days weather, we weren't able to walk to any of those locations, which I am very disappointed about.. NYC in the winter, not the best when you aren't anticipating it. I feel so silly having packed flats, and boots with no traction on the bottom. The walking conditions were awful, and a taxi was out of the question (didn't want to spend that sort of money). New York hardly plowed the streets this storm, everything was slush, and at the end of each side walk was a giant puddle we had to somehow cross without soaking ourselves (which we did, impossible to prevent). So a 3 mile walk to Topshop would have taken us well over an hour.. maybe ever two, and it just was not worth it to us. Instead the furthest we walked was to find a Zara (which I didn't end up buying from, hehe), and to do a bit of sight seeing, visiting Central Park, the Mac store, FAO Schwarz, and 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I actually didn't do much shopping either.. I came home with quite a bit of my funds left over, and it's funny because I only shopped at Forever 21 and H&M, two stores readily accessible to me here in New Hampshire. Just funny how some things work out..
I am not dwelling on the disappointment of my planned shopping day too much.. Ben and I both want to visit the city again in spring/early summer. And it was on my new years resolution list to visit NYC at least 5 times this year. One down, four to go.. I can't wait.

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